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Not every woman will Carry a Western Purse.

It’s all about making a statement. Western Handbags say a little something about the woman who is carrying it.

The statement you are making is yours and yours alone. You may carry a Leather Western Handbag with studs and rhinestones. Or it may be an elegant Western purse with a western Cross to show your faith.

From the classic of hand tooled leather to the modern faux leather with assorted colors. There is a shoulderbag for every woman.


Western Purse Store

We all Know that this purse does not suit every woman, but if you are going out for a night of boot scooting at the local dancehall this is the purse that will fit right in. Turquoise blue with leather fringe and a rhinestone cross,  its not subtle but in certain enviroments it will fit right in. Probably wouldn’t be right for that black tie affair.

Should you Have more than One Western Purse ?

This question is often ask and the answer is ….Maybe. How extensive is your wardrobe? You got more that one pair of boots? Probably you have everyday boots and dress up boots. You need an everyday purse and a dress up purse.  The choice is up to you but its not a complicated one, the cost of designer purses are way out of control but for the most part a good western purse should cost you less than $150.

As you know with any product there are good quality and less than good quality. For the most part, good quality generally cost a little more than less than good quality.  Hand tooled Leather and expert craftsmanship will be sold at a premium and it will always be that way. For your everyday handbag you should opt for a very good quality purse like our Montan West purses.

Montana West Handbag 1

Western Purse Store


Western Purse Store has all the styles of handbags you Want

While we are very new to the online world of shopping we are working deligently to bring you all the styles and selections that you want. We will be constantly  updating our inventory and searching for new and better product at lower cost so that Western Purse store will be the Shop you come to when you need or just want ..a new handbag.

We are currently adding new products every day so please remember to bookmark this page and come back often.

We have a selection of conceal and carry  handbags for those of you that wish to exercise youe right to carry a concealed weapon.


Western Purses

There is not anything that says more about a cowgirl than her Western purse! It’s the one thing that she always carrys with her, it makes a statement every time she walks into a room, or down the street.

Whether she likes designer handbags, including classic Cross purses, Rhinestone purses, and trendy Pink Camo purses, or fabulous everyday styles like the Buckle front handbags , she knows her purse has to be both fashionable and functional.


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Need a large tote bag for all of your personal belonging or maybe a Conceal and Carry purse? Try an oversized bag or crossbody bag from Montana West. Want a more ladylike style? Check out satchels and hobo bags or shoulder bags from Western Purse store. Finding the perfect bag is essential, we have something for every Cowgirl.


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